Rap Religion: Heartbreak Playlist

A new year. A new decade. A new month filled with new beginnings. People are choosing to see this new season as an opportunity for them to achieve greater while starting the decade on a good note. But... before new beginnings — there comes an end. Sometimes, especially after this festive season, you could find yourself at the end of a union with somebody dear to you. And for whatever reason, things ended. This playlist was made for you.

Whether you’re on the receiving end of Willow Smith’s "Human Leech" or in denial that things have fallen apart like The Neighbourhood's "On Stuck With Me" - you will definitely feel the emotion in these artists' work, enough to enjoy the playlist. You might just be introduced to a new artist.

In the words of 'Ye & Cudi, Welcome to Heartbreak.


Curated by: Machi' Mokone ( Twitter | @Machiapostrophe)

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