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Ipeleng - Unsolicited (Review)

A review of Ipeleng's third major release, "Unsolicited".

The Weeknd – After Hours (Review)

A look at the Weeknd's chart-topping, "After Hours". We analyse his latest offering and his projection since his earl...

The Most Predominant Hip-Hop Region In The U.S. (Part 1)

Since its inception, there’s been amazing MCs from different regions. Which region is the best? Is it the grimy and r...

A View of Modern Pop (Part II) - Gloss Pop and the Industry's "No-Face Formula"

In the second instalment of this series, we look at the previous decade of Pop and what's come into the fold for Gene...

A View of Modern Pop (Part 1)

What exactly is Pop music? This appears to be one of the hardest questions in modern music. Why? Anyone can be pop. R...

Tribute to Mac Miller - Swimming in Circles

A tribute to Mac Miller. We look at Mac's latest project, "Circle" and its meaning in the greater scheme of things. R...

Is PARTYNEXTDOOR on the clock?

A look at PARTYNEXTDOOR's career — his projects, his downfalls and what his new album, Club Atlantis, may bring. Is P...

Tyson S.T - SYBA Review

We take a detailed look at Tyson S.T's 2019 release, "SYBA". Find out our thoughts!

Elaine - Elements EP (Review)

In the midst of a packed week of music releases, a name was being mentioned more often than normal. Elaine....

Accountability In Music

Too often in society, we allow classism to overrule morality. There is no clearer evidence of this than looking a...

Is Freddie Gibbs possibly a top 5 rapper out now?

Freddie Gibbs. It’s been a long journey but as he’s progressed and remained ever-so consistent, it’s become clearer: ...

The Power of Delivery

There’s a lot of factors that come into play when making a good hip-hop song. It’s greater than solely focusing on th...
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