Tyson S.T - Snakes Favour Me (Review)

Tyson S.T, one of Pretoria’s elite artists is back. And this time, he’s introducing his debut album. After a long run filled with thrilling guest verses, which have ultimately led to this moment. “Snakes Favour Me”. With every verse being emotion-filled while lyrically, consistently showing that he is not to be fucked with. As time progresses, he seemingly shows he’s on an expedition to claim the throne.

The rollout for the album was compelling, filled with numerous forms of content and also included a two-song EP. These songs were “Lemme Know” featuring Miles and “Chauncy”. These two singles showcased the alluring production and lyrical direction the album could possibly take. With “Chauncy” Earning a spot on our own South African Hip Hop Playlist, “ZA🩸”, and Apple Music’s very own “Mzanzi Hip Hop” Playlist, it is certainly a big moment for him as an artist. What a way to introduce the album.

Opening with “My Eyes C”, the production simulates a feeling of being a part of a crowd during one of his performances, which didn’t come as a surprise as the album is referred to as a “Performance Album”. The beat continuing to add fuel to the fire, incorporating some heavy hitting base to get the the crowd ready as he enters with the words, “I can’t do no favours at all!”. Exhibiting his self-worth and mentality – just so you know it’s not sweet out here. His stunning delivery emphasizes his confidence as he glides on the beat, giving a goosebump sensation to the listener. Throughout the song, he mentions all the hardships he has endured “From dropping singles to being single, my life is funny” but never ceasing to still display a sense of determination and focus towards his goals. This just being short display of his ability to shred DoouShii’s sturdy production. I noticed the pun on the letter “C” and “Eye” throughout the song titles and managed to get exclusive information on it from Tyson… we could possibly be seeing more of this in the future.

Transitioning to the succeeding track, “Pocket Watching”. It features Dooushii, who unveils another masterpiece of a beat, as you find your heading bopping as soon as you press play. Teli pounced on this production and shows no mercy. He hands out an abundance of quotables consistently across the song with impeccable cadence.

Section full of undercover hungry niggas.

In the moment niggas hated from the outside.

Got a phone full of Teli, “Come to my sides”, I cannot wife.

DoouShii’s ad-libs throughout the song induce a mosh pit experience that makes you just want to hear this song live. The harmony the two artists provide on their songs is unmatched.

This Ain’t Easy For Me (Al$ Interlude)”, the third song is the most heartfelt song on the album. It was also the last recorded track during the creation of the project. He really served his heart on a plate, talking about the struggles his faced throughout his life. He gives us some insight into his history from relocating from Durban to Johannesburg, experiencing loss in his family, losing his girl & how he has had to face his demons. He leaves us with some introspection, allowing his audience to understand him more as a human being. Personally, it’s one of my favourite songs by him. It really touches you in a way that makes you think about all that you’ve been through too. Life isn’t easy for us at all. Al$’s soulful production plus DoouShii’s drums complementing this moment immensely and ensure it connects easily.

What colour that beam on my head? Aiming from enemy friends

“I treasure my ex, a treasure is something you ain’t gon’ dig up again”

The second half of the album starts off with “Eyes Pull Up”. It features Huey, and sees a second joint appearance as they both featured on each other’s debut albums this year. They are definitely a duo to look out for as they seem incapable of missing whenever they conspire to murder a beat. The gritty chorus transitioning from the previous track perfectly, bring along the emotion and fusing magnificently with an aggressive beat. Tyson displays his superior lyrical ability on this track as he tears the beat apart with elegance.

Shoutout for nothing,
I did that, I lived that,
They shot my cousin.
I built that, I’m with that.
End of discussion!

Huey ends of the track smoothly, amalgamating his presence with Tyson’s. Huey showcases his experience as he brings a different approach to the song while keeping the high quality of lyricism. Huey was really taking his shit, slick wordplay and a crazy delivery. He was floating. His ability to rhyme and bend words with vocal inflections is incredible.

Dawg, my flows are fire,
Watch ‘em bubble out the kettle.
You are all indebted,
And it’s cool, I’ll take the credit.
You should watch your tone
When in the presence of a legend!

Coming in next is “A Rap Song”. It’s a very conspicuous title, making you expect some hardcore rapping. But instead, delivering a good fusion of melodies within the track, providing a repetition on the bridges and the chorus making it very appealing. With phrase, “Say it if you say you with it”, he brings us back to the issue of trust (which has been very prevalent within the album) and it’s another way for Tyson to remind us to be very careful of who we trust. It’s a very short song in comparison to the rest, but it’s not particularly my favourite within the album but still a memorable addition.

This immaculate body of art closes with “Blah-Blah”. The song features Miles, and the placement of this track emphasizes the phrase, “leaving the best for last”. If this track is intended to close out a performance, we might have to bow these men off the stage. The beat’s heavy hitting drums and soul shaking claps paired with a flawless chorus will definitely get you questioning how it’s possible for these men to be human. Miles definitely doesn’t disappoint, “going gorilla”, on the beat – proving that he can handle the pressure holding his own ground with ease. Tyson was having a field day on this beat, looking like Jordan in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA finals. He went bonkers.

Boy, I gotta say
I know a throwaway, this ain’t it.
Every single day,
I know you bitches staying basic.
Problems on my way,
I dip and fade all of that hate shit.
Momma see my face, I’m never phased

The track ends off with a snippet from “And The Came Snakes Came” (which was tracklisted in his solo release, SYBA). This closes out the album majestically, adding a bit of humor as he says “That’s the show, they are no backstage stuff baby”.

In conclusion, “Snakes Favour Me”, has certainly raised the bar from his previous EP. Tyson displays his hunger to constantly improve his sound and every year, he continues to remind us that he is one of the best rappers in South Africa. Proving his lyrical ability, and the skill he has to make pulchritudinous music consistently. The replay value on his debut album is extraordinarily high. And that’s crazy to say because “At Your Service” (with Thato Saul) and “SYBA” are still heavily in rotation. This is just another example of his growth. He provides us with a lot of insight into his life in this album and helped us understand his emotions. DoouShii’s production continues to prove that he is the best Hip-Hop producer in South Africa currently. He engineers unique experiences with every artist he has worked with, we definitely need to give these two artists their flowers for this one. Tyson is well on his way to becoming nationally recognized as an artist and that’ll just be the beginning, his potential is indisputable.


Written by: Tlhogi Molopyane (Twitter @theboyjordan)
Edited by: Dithekgo Mogadime (Twitter @DithekgoM)

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