Romeo Lives Remix [Review]

Traditionally, a nightingale is a small passerine bird best known for its beautiful song. Through poetic symbolism, a nightingale sings of love and acts as a connection between love and death. In Romeo and Juliet, the nightingale’s song signified that the couple were bound to be together but also meant that they were in danger of death. Without even listening to the music, the artist name and the song title are inextricably linked. It’s already a metaphor. It’s already over someone’s head. I hope the music is equally as clever.
Romeo Lives’ production is as beautiful as it gets. This is as soulful as it gets. After some investigation, I found that the immaculate production (titled “Egyptian Pools”) is from a popular YouTube producer, Jinsang. He sampled a traditional J-pop song by Asami Kado from 1979. Jinsang’s sampling style is largely reminiscent of Kanye West’s chipmunksoul technique. A chopped and quickened sample alongside some traditional boom bap percussion and a soul bearing guitar melody. The production creates a sense of nostalgia on your first listen.
Nightingale enters and it’s already clear - he’s wrestling with his own demons. His vocal tonality is strong yet fragile. A clear sense of despondency within his vocals as a pessimistic cadence and dark tonality creates an alluring mood. Nightingale’s flow is slow yet moving. Although 16, he lacks youthful zest. His stentorian voice and grim delivery style creates a profound marriage between production and vocals. It’s exhilarating.
Nightingale’s content is insightful. He seems to dwell in realism and obviously pessimism. The resultant is an introspective showing where he speaks on a variety of topics ranging from love, depression, death and Jesus. He does this while rhyming from the perspective of Romeo and someone who has lost a loved one. It’s a concept that he executes without flaw. He makes various references to the story of Romeo & Juliet while inferring his own personal experiences and complexities, however, one thing is clear: Romeo Lives.
Romeo Lives Remix is a pristine record characterized by impressive content, thorough execution, exonerating production and excellent storytelling. The entire song is a metaphor. It’s filled with symbolism and hidden messages that make it that much more enjoyable. It’s only faults are it’s relative lack of length alongside its mixing quality.
At 16, Nightingale is beyond talented. There is no limits to his ceiling. If persistent, he’s bound to be something remarkable. Indeed, Rome Lives.
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