ODC - Milli-Ons Review

ODC is a young and gifted MC from Johannesburg. He’s been making waves through his tenacity and determination as he’s absolutely convinced that he’s the next greatest thing. Self-confidence is a necessity as a rapper because having that “I’m nicer on the mic than you” mentality is bound to manifest into great music if your work ethic is equally as impressive as your attitude. His tenacity has led to radio interviews and the underground scene buzzing, let’s see if the music translates with his grind.
A cool Spanish sample starts. On some Narcos shit. ODC proceeds to start with a short speech in Spanish. The kicks roll in and the beat is knocking. It’s a fast and up-beat rhythmic line characterized by some dope hi-hats. The production sounds good. It’s a different sonic direction from the norm and it’s perfectly suited for a double time flow. ODC and Katscan work together and delivers a fun hook that focuses on how they intend to make their first million (separately, of course). The delivery is energetic, fast and syncopated. That sense of syncopation on a double time suitable instrumental makes it enjoyable and easily compatible for the club environment.
ODC’s verse is braggadocio in nature. It’s a verse where he intends to prove how nice he is lyrically. Good wordplay filled with double entendres and punchlines. Lines like “Pass the Remy like I’m Papoose” are so subtle and smooth. Humour is a huge part of making music, it’s that sense of personality that makes listeners resonate with the musician. A double time flow and aggressive delivery always translates into a good showing. Katscan is equally impressive and his hilarious personality shines through. Lines like “Got the formula, celeriac” is just an illustration of Scan’s wordplay and sharp personality. He also uses a syncopated flow that tends to take advantage of every rhythm pocket as he presents himself as a MC with great potential and ability.
Katscan and ODC are completely in synch. Their synergy and chemistry cannot be clearer. It’s almost automatic. They rhyme about similar content but use different forms of lyricism to illustrate their ability and differentiate themselves from the norm. ODC seems to have a good ear for production whilst being a capable wordsmiths but the hook reinforces the idea that he can be a master of all, jack of one. He’s capable of keeping up with fine lyricists yet versatile enough to produce content for the mainstream masses. Similar can be said Katscan. A good delivery, impressive wordplay and the ability to change flows with ease. They are today’s modern hybrids of rap. Capable of making music that the mumble, trap and hip-hop purists can all listen to.
Milli-Ons is an above decent effort. It’s a song far more deserving of radio and streaming acclaim than the vast majority of South African Hip-Hop today. It’s a different sonic direction but it’s still commercially viable and relatively lyrically dense. The content defines the struggles of being an upcoming rapper but panders on the importance of grinding, optimism and how we’re all on track to make our first Milli-Ons.
Link: https://song.link/za/i/1355400455 (Deezer, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Apple Music, Google Play and Soundcloud)
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