MyKey- $ignfeld (Review)

After a two year long wait, MyKey released his solo mixtape, "$ignfield". The project begins with Francis Jay’s vocals and harmonies, which leads up to the beat drop and welcome us to the project and its introduction, “Poltergeist Flow”. With Doushiii on production, combined with MyKey’s flow, cadence and ability to stay lyrically witty but utilise the benefits of mumble rap – one can tell this project will be filled with a bunch of bangers and catchy hooks. “Poltergeist Flow” displays some of this as you’ll find yourself bopping your head along as the song progresses. MyKey’s signature “Uhh woah!” alongside a trap flow brings the song to a close, with Francis Jay’s harmonies ushering us out, as shit is about to get “$eriou$” on the next song.

The Dooushii & Al $ duo production ensures that the production is hard. A siren just to get attention and the instrumental definitely KNOCKS. MyKey raps ever-so-confidently:

Woah, shit getting serious,
Shawty, she wyling,
Acting up violent, she on her period.
I shouldn’t care, so why am I here?
Man, I ain’t been feeling ya,
I ain’t been feeling it,
Please stay the fuck out my area

And if shit couldn’t get any more serious, Tyson S.T is on the bridge with an Isaiah Rashad-esque flow before doing what he’s been doing for the last two years – owning that shit and bodying his guest verses! Another killer verse from Syba Teli as he speaks about relations with girls in the hills and hoes he knows (some being known by others). Another effortless example supporting that Tyson S.T is definitely one to look out for, if you haven’t noticed already. The hook comes in before MyKey says his bit on how serious shit is. Speaking on self-medication and post-nut clarity, he’s left questioning what the fuck shit is. “I drop something slick and these hoes flock like I’m Rakim, I’m talking A$AP but I don’t rush shit. I just run shit with my slides on...” exhibits some good wordplay and a slick flow before the hook and bridge come back for one final run.

The next song, “Fine$$a Hudgen$”, is probably one of the reasons why I took so long with this review. The song sees MyKey spitting on a fast paced and upbeat instrumental filled with background sounds such as flights taking off and cash counters. With Nash Sable as a feature, they both exhibit phenomenal flows and especially MyKey as he switches up his rhyme schemes later in his verse. The reason why I took so long is because of this song... I couldn’t decide on whether I am impressed with it or not. Although a good exhibition of lyrical talent and flow control, I feel it would’ve been a better single outside of the project or not after $erious. I feel the heavy and busy production just stray a bit outside of the main sonic sound of the project. I also personally feel like MyKey, by his lonesome, was sufficient for the song. I found that although a good verse, the feature wasn’t necessary and didn’t serve any real purpose, but the song does set up for the next song in the project. The song is cool but it is my least favourite on the project.

The next song, “Piece $ign Freestyle” is not as fast paced as the previous but definitely a fucking good trap song and a personal favourite.

Nine times outta ten, I arrive with the gang.
Got my eyes on a 10, plus a bottle of gin.
Juice, Uber, off to the crib

He goes on to effortlessly spew out the things he gets up to and how he personally lives. Mentioning pill addictions, fucking people’s mains but giving no love as well affiliations with murderous people. A good verse exhibiting a more versatile approach and content delivery from MyKey. Tyson S.T immediately follows and honestly, just click this link and open up his verse in the song so you can actually digest and hear WHAT THE FUCK THIS SYBA IS SAYING cause it is worthwhile and impressive. It’s very easy to get caught up in the flow, his delivery and the production – you might end up missing the words in the verse. This is another phenomenal feature from Teli and I’m grateful.

I could settle anything fast bra,
Should be telling niggas they should catch up,
I ain't even thinking bout the last dub” 

Teli begins his verse with barely any modesty. Clearly stating he is more than capable of quickly besting the competition he is ahead of, as well as the fact that he’s been winning quite often to the point where he barely gave the last one any serious thought. As his “throat let’s out that Holy Ghost spit”, he shouts out MyKey reminiscing on car rides in Moreleta. And since we already know that one can catch slugs tryna fuck with MyKey and his associates so the following lines,

Slay after party on the weekend but will niggas even make it to the weekend, fast life lanes that we speed in” carries more weight. In the rest of the verse, Teli questions the opps on whether or not they are really about the life that they claim. He speaks on how all the dreams he has are very well realistic and his art can fund them. He closes by speaking on how ugly life can be when you are going through it and chasing bullshit.This verse from Teli is a clear example of what a feature is supposed to do or rather – bring to the song, which again, I believe was lacking in the song before this one.

The songs, “Di$klaimer” along with “Komma$” are good bops with compelling production and MyKey showing off his ability to float on a beat and spit some heat. The verses are filled with the same recurring theme we have seen thus far, consisting of MyKey again fucking someone’s main, how he still has no love for the hoes, self-medication and recreational drugs use as well as gun possession with intention to shoot (if needs be). Thereafter, “Grown a$$ kid” follows and the production as well as mixing and mastering has been tweaked a little bit but you’ll find it’s still the same song that first introduced a lot of people to MyKey back in 2018 when the snippet, in anticipation of the songs release, went viral and had many waiting eagerly to get the full thing.

“Pa$$Port”... man exceptional hook delivered by MyKey, it’s easy to catch and definitely will get you bobbing your head, with the production playing it’s role very well. Another one from Pretoria that’s definitely one to look out for, Miles, goes on the song first. And honestly, he delivered. Storytelling, wordplay, metaphors as well as good lyricism are all displayed in this verse from Miles. He sheds light on the life that he’s living with people around him, who are truly about it. 

See semi 9’s sit beside me,
I ain’t shooting,
I’m just riding,
Might send them if you dare try me,
They Travis, they move with Kylie,
Stay dangerous, they move like Dali,
Tryna move up to Zimbali,
’m Huey and with parts of Riley,
I’m free man, you dawgs can’t tie me.

Just go hear the rest yourself, it’s hot. MyKey comes back with the hook before it’s his turn to say his bit on the mic, which he says quite clearly actually. MyKey exhibits the ability to be versatile and speak on more than what we’ve really been getting thus far.

I been through poverty,
The opposite of opulence,
Preposterous, this shit preposterous,
Lost a couple homies back when I ain't have no pot to piss,
Competition non-existent,” 

We see MyKey really in his bag as he speaks about where he’s been and where he is now. Speaking on having seen poverty-filled days, losing homies, to seeing better days with deeper pockets with a lot of bitches. He then goes on to finish off his verse with a flow switch up, which I personally do not like at all. After showing that he’s capable of doing more than the trap shit that we’re used to, by dumbing down to the trap flow and repeating the four bars – it is honestly a horrid way to end an overall strong showing. The hook then comes back to ride us out into the penultimate song on the project, “Coat Tail$”, with another Pretoria heavyweight, Thato Saul.

Coat Tail$ delivers a different flow and delivery coming from MyKey. The hook and production are certain to leave you nodding in agreement. The difference in flow and delivery is a good twist on how MyKey lets us know again how he doesn’t love the hoes and that his money is up. Thato Saul’s feature does exactly what you expect Groovy Saul from to do, which is comfortably hold it down. Letting us know how he doesn’t engage in sneak dissing and is really about the shit which many lie about. Stating how once another artists fan base listens to him, they are instantly converted cause when Thato Saul speaks – everybody listens. The hook comes back before MyKey handles the production switch up on the outright of the song. He production is hard hitting and allowing for MyKey to be heard loud clear as he flows and closes the song well.

And the song that brings the project to a close, “Top $hotta” sees MyKey handling a soulful trap beat on his own. And best believe niggas was left “shaking” when they heard this. This is what I wanted from MyKey. With teases on songs like Pa$$Ports and $eriou$, we finally get a full song of him spitting properly. And in doing so, he produces his most complete and skilful verse to date. He used the production perfectly and floats (like he does best). This song is the peak on the project. It’s a perfect display of his pen while not diverting too far from what he’s known and loved for. I’m not even gonna quote nothing from this song, go fucking listen to it because he really brought it. I’m impressed with what MyKey did on Top $hotta. This was a beautiful way to end the project.

Overall, $ignfield a good project with really no lows besides a few mid-ish songs. Which really have either a lacklustre feature or recurring themes and content to blame. MyKey is a good rapper. While at times, too comfortable – he makes every song feel effortless and easy to him. He gives us the trap shit that we know him for (and he does this exceptionally – with plenty of bangers) and also displays the ability to be versatile enough to really spit if he’s needed to. He’s witty, has great wordplay, a dope flow, confident delivery and the quotables to prove his ability. Add onto this, a great ear for production (shoutout to Dooushii for killing yet another body of work) - its a good showing. With songs like Top $hotta, which is not only the peak of the project, it exhibits his potential as a rapper, and I’d love to hear him tap into that zone more.


Written by: Machi’ Mokono |Twitter @machiapostrophe
Edited by: Dithekgo Mogadime | Twitter @DithekgoM

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