Mwanji the wndrkd - Rolling (Review)

2021 has proven to be the year of excellent music releases with some of South Africa’s finest young talent showing up and showing out through their artistry and technique. The feature artist is none other than Johannesburg based artist, Mwanji the wndrkd. Mwanji describes themselves as a multidisciplinary artist, who has worked in multiple areas of art (including theatre, film and digital media).

Mwanji the wndrkd has collaborated with some notable names in the industry, including Sergiodeartist on his track, "Airplane Doom", off his 2020 project - Sorcery.

Mwanji has been part of groundbreaking events in and around Johannesburg, including the Savanna Comedy Choice Awards alongside performances at Woke Art events. Mwanji is deeply passionate about the representation and consumption of the black body and this is seen through their music releases.

Mwanji recently released their first single of 2021, Rolling, which is self-produced and shows how they can make high quality music, that is easily enjoyable to a mature set of ears. Mwanji mentioned that the recording process of the track was mostly a freestyle and the production of the track itself made it easy for the words to flow right out of them.

Explaining what the release of the track means to Mwanji, they can be quoted saying,

Rolling is not only a matter of love and intuition, but a mixture of sound and soul, that you just can’t help to groove to, it’s layers, its vocals its vibe and feelings, their all a mixture of me, a true cosmic essence of who I am”.

Mwanji has previously produced some stellar tracks but single is a standout release. The track allows for a listener to connect with the artist through the fusion of afro-soul and electronic elements, which Mwanji handles so effortlessly.

The marimbas in the backtrack and their signature “Mic Check 1, 2, 1 , 2...” makes you feel closer to Mwanji, especially if you’ve been following their work over the years. Layering vocals and complex sounds has come as easy as ABC for Mwanji, as they constantly raise the bar with every music release of theirs.

In closing, if Rolling is small taste of what fans can expect from Mwanji the wndrkd in 2021 then we are certainly in for a treat. There is something so inviting and relatable about the delivery of all their music. I’m hoping for a project this coming year that will hopefully have versatile music with more of the fusion that they presented in Rolling. The track is certainly a promising start to the year!

Listen to Mwanji’s single, "Rolling" here:


Written by: Naledi de Wee | Twitter @naledidewee
Edited by: Dithekgo Mogadime | Twitter @DithekgoM

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