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Joda Kgosi - Truth Is (Review)

Joda Kgosi is a 17-year-old (turning 18 in December) South African R&B singer from Joburg - who initially caught people's attention with her first single "Lunatic". Following the success of that song, Joda had posted up a snippet (which made NUMBERS) of her next upcoming single "Truth Is" - which finally arrived on the 28th of August.

"Truth Is" was produced by Elizee, another talented R&B musician who has been making waves in the music industry. So, it's something special to see Joda working with him so early into her career. "Truth Is" opens up with beautiful acoustic guitar strings that almost remind me of bosa nova. Over these strings are hi-hats, a nice kick, and a very subtle bass that gives the production a real bump to it.  As Joda is preparing the audience with "ahh's".

Joda then opens with "Truth is I love you, even begged you to choose me. Had your chance and you blew it. Don't hit me up we've been through this".

This is a strong opening, as Joda reveals the situation she finds herself with, with someone whom she gave her effort to - but never had reciprocated until it was too late. Not only is this honest, but it's also very relatable (I'd imagine, lmaaaaaaaaao). Chest pains so early into the song, oh boy – the tone had been set.

An aspect that I enjoy about the chorus is how Joda delivers it. Specifically, the way that she changes the tempo of her tonal delivery towards the end of the chorus, with "throoooough this", compared to the rest of the chorus. The background vocals are also a good addition, as she has sings lower on the main vocals but uses the background to showcase her vocal range with some high notes.

The first verse sees Joda diving more in-depth into the kind of person she is dealing with, and is very direct with it too. As the first line is "when it comes to loving me you're incompetent." Before describing the turmoil that has led to this predicament, including feelings of tiredness and devaluation. While the second verse sees Joda contrast from the times she was made to feel weaker to now being the one who expresses her dominance/anger.

Opening with "Listen here little boy, the way you act is out of pocket". You can see that she done letting things slide, and she's ready to talk her shit! What I like about the second verse is that it sees Joda use more wordplay in her lyricism (something you'd typically expect more from a rap song than an R&B one).

As she says, "How you cheat when you say we connect like plug and socket. Think you slick, you go ghost, you go missing like a docket."  Slick references and an elluding to Joda calling out corruption in SA’s  government and police departments with that docket line, lmaooo.

But what I like most about this second verse is that it feels as though it's where she gets her closure. A line that stuck out to me was "Truth is I can do without you, if I'm being honest". Which just shows the growth from having to beg someone for their attention, to being capable of living without needing their validation anymore.

All in all, "Truth Is" is an enjoyable, relatable and easy to listen to song.  As Joda not only displays her good writing ability (which can only improve with time) but she also displays the variety in her voice and how capable of a singer she is. With the numbers this song is doing, as well as her previous single, it seems as though we're witnessing a superstar in the making.


Written by Ipeleng Thobejane | Twitter @InsightThobe
Edited by Dithekgo Mogadime | Twitter @DithekgoM

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