From Me To You & Only You [Updated Tracklist]

Here’s a tracklist reordering along with the removal of various songs on From Me To You & Only You:
  1. The Promised Land
  2. 7 Days After [Feat. Zooci Coke Dope]
  3. About The Dough (Jody’s Interlude) [Feat. Flame]
  4. Just Another Song [Feat. Flame]
  5. Starlights [Feat. Ayanda Jiya]
  6. Calabasas (Fulfilment) [Feat. Ecco]
  7. Pride [Feat. Rowlene]
  8. Feelings [Feat. Flame]
  9. On My own
  10. Rarri
  11. Rio
With this tracklisting, there is clear direction musically and it sounds incredibly cohesive. Moreover, the project is shorter and is more enjoyable.


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