Frank 'O - DoTheMost Review

Going into this song, I had high expectations of this songs purely based on the song’s title. Let’s see if Frank O’ truly does the most.
The production is hard. It’s characterized by a dark melodic piano and heavy 808 convulsions. The 808 patterns sound exactly like one of Future’s most recognizable songs to date, “Stick Talk”. Yes, the production smacks but unfortunately it’s nothing new or anything remotely original. Frank O’s hook is more of the same. The hook is repetitive and becomes redundant after a few listens. It’s clearly uninspired and imaginative.. however, where Frank shines is his verses.
Frank, unlike the vast majority of people making mumble or trap music, seems to be a talented MC. He’s truly skilled. He’s got good wordplay, he flows well and his delivery style is enticing. However, Frank spent the majority of the song not sticking to what he does best. Instead of rapping his ass off (which he’s clearly capable of - as his verses show), he favored Travi$ Scott vocal melodies in the background alongside Future’s signature style.
Frank is a representation of the current South African industry. He’s immensely talented but too caught up in following foreign sonic direction instead of creating his own. Yeah, this song is definitely club worthy. In fact, it would make the club go insane but he brings nothing new to the table in this format. Frank is better suited as a traditional MC rather than attempting to gain attention through melodic raps. He’s too talented lyrically to be making music in this sonic direction but this does bang.


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