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Ephy sunday
Ephy is a well-known musician from Pretoria. Most people know him as an “artist" rather than a rapper or singer, as he focuses more on the artistic style of his music than excelling at lyricism or at singing (but both are still two good qualities he possesses). His style focuses on his ability to make a listener resonate and feel emotional rather than being heavily complex and dense. Focusing on melodies and simple phrases, he makes music that is enjoyable and easy to remember while simultaneously focusing on content with deeper meaning.
“S U N D A Y” is produced by Bonafidebili. The song opens with an electronic tune based on minor tonality before the melody becomes highly audible and resolving with the introduction of incredible rolling 808 kicks, hard bass and beautiful keys. Ephy begins to speak over the melody. He goes into the song with the notions of the song acting as an interlude. It’s a commonality with love songs and his style makes it easy to resonate with the song’s romantic themes. Ephy fits into the stylistic realms of artists such as Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez. He utilizes their singer/rapper flow while his voice is layered heavily by autotune. The flow isn't anything relatively notable, it’s heavily repetitive and somewhat mumble/melodic rap inspired. However, the engaging part of the song is Ephy’s ability to express himself.
Ephy uses the first few lines of the song to express the news that he's received regarding his previous romantic partner finding a new partner. He references his previous partner’s new found happiness and finds himself comparing his own qualities to her “new bae”. Alluding to his jealousy and insecurities, Ephy hints about wanting her back and essentially, how they should meet at her place (as they used to do). He illustrates his pain without any fear. It’s beyond transparent. He goes onto list the negative assumptions that he has about her new partner while he gives insight into how he treated her and the positive impact that he had whilst together. Through Ephy’s cadence and tonality alongside his short but staggered melodic runs, it becomes increasingly apparent that Ephy is experiencing vast amounts of pain. It becomes easier to resonate with him as the song progresses.
The opening verse gives insight into story surrounding the song as it makes the transition between verses seamless and smooth. Ephy then goes on to explain the story between him and the girl but notably, he changes flows consistently as he expresses his frustrations.  Ephy uses decent wordplay to wrap the whole central theme together. Although contrasting, the paradox between religion and sex is somewhat vivid and refreshing. Although not necessarily being the most incredible chorus, his voice carries a sense of genuine feelings towards the girl mentioned.  
Ephy uses the second half of the song to express how upset he felt to have been informed through social media and friends about her new relationship. He speaks of their unresolved issues as he goes tissue deep as he mentions their pregnancy scare alongside their on and off relationship. Ephy ends his venting by focusing on himself and his own sense of happiness and drive. His biggest drive being music as he chooses not to focus on people who are no longer present in his life. The song ends with one last performance of the chorus and an outro ofEphy personally speaking to the girl.
“S U N D A Y” is a romance track but one that edges towards an honesty rather than fallacy. Lyrically, due to its mainstream nature, it’s bound to carry surface deep and somewhat corny moments but what remains clear is Ephy’s honestly and ability to make one engaged as he tells his story. Ephy provides great energy and accompanies it with enjoyable rhyme patterns and changes at unexpected moments. Although reliant on autotune, he does enough for us to be drawn to his music but the song still leaves a lot to be desired.
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