Emanuel - Alt Therapy Session 2: Transformation (Review)

In case there was ever any doubt, which really shouldn’t be the case, Emanuel has certainly proven himself with his latest release, “Session 2: Transformation”.

Following the release of “Alt Therapy Session 1: Disillusion”, Toronto and Canadian R&B artist, Emanuel (@cellulardada) delivers his sophomore EP. The release comes with the announcement of his new label partner, Motown Records, alongside his existing deal with Universal Music Canada.

The second session is kicked off by “Magazines”, which is my personal favourite in this sophomore project. The song begins with simple melodic chords as Emanuel floats in. Flowing. Giving a subtle sneak peek at his vocal capabilities.

She wanna be on a magazine,
On a movie screen,
On a fuck machine…

He sings about what can be described as a bag-chasing woman, who lives for the limelight. The song’s production gains more body as it progresses. With more chords acting as a segway to carry his words. He sings in attempts to woo the lady with private flights and whatever she wants. The chorus returns but this time around, it’s accompanied by a simple yet insanely effective drums and kick. This comes together to bring the song to a melodic and choir-esque ending.

The second song and lead single, “Black Woman”, is a relatively strong commercial song (was well received publicly). Within 2 weeks, the song already had over 500 000 streams. The song is an exhibition of what Emanuel’s vocal and musical abilities are capable of. For more of our insights, check out our review of the song.

The third song on the EP, “PTH” is a sunset drive down the highway with your significant other and a blunt. Vital as fuck on your Netflix & Chill playlist, a definite must when serenading whoever has your eye.

 “Get me in the mood,
 I want mood lighting,
Show me that you want it,
Let me get up on it,
Love me like a waterfall,
Love me like a waterfall.

After giving some ideas on things, one could possibly do in an attempt to get a slice of heaven, prior to the chorus returning, he does give a warning that one could lose sight of the mission. He sings,

But that pussy taste like heaven,
(You already got me on a wave)
Let’s go and have some children,
(Your curves are making me insane)
I wanna make a million,
I want it, I want it, I want it,
But that pussy taste like heaven.

He ends off the project with a “Black Woman” remix. The remix is more production-backed in comparision to the original. With the remix, production leans towards a more reggae sounds, showing off the ability to be versatile and work with different genres. Considering the music that was played around by his parents, it’s become a catalyst for his different styles, sounds and types of music. Boasting a reggae feature, Tarrus Riley comes in, before Emanuel caps off a great vocal performance.

In conclusion, Alt Therapy Session 2: Transformation is a brief yet powerful sophomore project from the Toronto artist. Like the first session, the second displays Emanuel’s incredible vocal ability and songwriting skills. Furthermore, it also shows the calibre of his ear for production. Production, being more upbeat and vibrant than the first, isn’t playing a role whereby it carries and makes the songs. Instead, the production compliments Emanuel’s voice and plays a part in conveying the emotion he’s expressing. The contrast between the two versions of the song Black Woman are a good example of this.

The songs on Session 2 act as a more vibey section of the album and in my opinion, the songs are definitely the better half. “Magazines” and both “Black Woman” versions start and conclude my chat. I won’t bother talking about how PTH seals it all together. It's a great enticement for his album


Written by Machi' Mokono | Twitter @Machiapostrophe
Edited by Dithekgo Mogadime | Twitter @DithekgoM

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