Bryson Tiller - Anniversary (Review)

The aftermath of Trapsoul.

After the release of Trapsoul, the world was at the feet of American R&B and Hip-Hop artist, Bryson Tiller. Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Trapsoul was so good, it’s reached number 1 on numerous hip-hop/RnB charts and broke many streaming records. The rapper became one of the hottest exports from Louisville since Mohammed Ali. However, his Sophomore Album, “True To Self” didn’t quite live up to the expectations of his fans. Bryson, himself, admitted later on to Joe Budden how he was struggling with Depression when he was recording the album. Bryson Tiller took a two year (2017–2019) hiatus from the music and social media after the release of true to self. Only appearing once in a blue moon to release loosies on SoundCloud. In summer 2019, Tiller reappeared in the music scene with a single titled “Blame” . This made fans very excited, some even went as far as speculating he will drop his rumored project, “Serenity”.

Road To Anniversary:

Tiller settled in, and became a father for the second time with girlfriend, Kendra Bailey. He also completed his high school diploma and announced he has an album titled, “Anniversary”, to celebrate 5 years after the release of Trapsoul on the way, he released a Deluxe version of Trapsoul adding 3 extra songs and a music video including a “Rambo” remix featuring The Weeknd.

September 2020, Tiller released the first single of the album. “Inhale”. On this track, Tiller had his smooth vocals float on a bouncy production. it was evident he had returned to his R&B bag. With him recently stating in a Genius interview that R& Bwas his first love, the track already gave his fans what to expect from Anniversary.

Anniversay was released on the 3rd of October, 2020. His 3rd studio album only has 10 songs. Surprisingly so. I expected a lot more songs since he has been away for a while. Nevertheless, the ten track project was 100% RnB and Tiller displays his smooth vocal skills on all of them. The project only had one feature from one of the pioneers of Trapsoul, Drake. Apart from one filler song (“Times Change”), the project is a good and I expect the numbers to ring off – especially on the R&B radio charts. On the first track, “Years go by”, Tiller expresses himself on a fire intro, detailing his journey since his debut album. The track is probably the closest thing to a “hip-hop” track on the album.

With pivotal moments on songs such as “Keep Doing What You’re Doing”, “Timeless Interlude”, “Next to You” and “Always Forever” – Tiller shows his pen is still very much active. He’s always been a gifted writer but across soulful production – he sounds incredible. Beautiful melodies, touching lyrics and good production? What more can you ask for?

For the most part, the project is consistent. It shows that Tiller has creative license and he took his time on it. He’s never been a fan of mainstream music so his fans would really enjoy this one, considering his different creative direction. He’s grown a lot and you can hear it in the music. The project has strong highlights and very few lows. While the consumer reception has seem Bryson critiqued for this project, I think people only expected more because of the heights of Trapsoul. And with that said, not many projects can live up to his classic debut. This isn’t better than his debut but it’s definitely a good project that carries replay value. Bryson Tiller can’t be stuck within the same sonic direction after so many years! There has to be growth and Tiller has shown that effortlessly.

I can’t wait for his upcoming project, “Serenity”, which he confirmed will be the last part of a trilogy series. series. The first instalment being Hip-Hop, the second being R&B and the final being his first Pop album. I look forward to his next output of work and I hope it’s another strong project like Anniversary and Trapsoul.


Written by: Whyte Ukor | Twitter @biggWhyte
Edited by: Dithekgo Mogadime | Twitter @Dithekgom

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