AKA - Star Signs [Review]

I’m going to try keep this short because why invest my energy into reviewing music when the artist doesn’t put effort into his own music.
Star Signs. Billed as lyrical showing prior to its release but truly, it’s a massive disappointment. The production is incredibly basic as it lacks variation and it quickly becomes boring. In addition, AKA doesn’t delivery anything exceptional. “Who got the juice? Who got the Liqui Fruit?”. Deep Sigh. We’ve reached a new low. AKA’s run out of content to rap about. If he’s not talking about his wealth, success or competitors – he’s screwed. AKA needs to reanalyse his content and focus on subjects that can actually impact his listeners.
A mediocre flow, basic rhyme schemes and rudimentary lyricism. Tied in with poor production choice, this is a mediocre song. The beat shows little progression and seems to make you wait for a never-arriving instrumental switch up. Wait – it gets worse. He gets bodied on his own song. After being forced to wait a GRUELSOME 4 minutes and 27 seconds, Stogie manages to steal the show. It’s unfortunate that a good showing by him could not save the fate of this song. Stogie loads his lyrical arsenal and takes the time to fire at Cassper Nyovest and Ricky Rick. “How ironic. So much Gucci but no material or music. I’m iconic, out in public, I say your name – you wouldn’t say shit.” Subliminal. This beef could force Stogie to grab the pen. I’ve been patiently waiting for him to address their issues and if it spawns new music, for the sake of South African Hip-Hop, I’m all for it.
On the song, AKA indirectly addresses his vices. Yeah, you’re right, Kiernan. “You’ve been winning for a long time” but that’s made you too comfortable. You’ve lost your hunger. The success and wealth is clouding your musical decisions and ultimately, your judgment when making music. The basic rhyme schemes and insignificant content makes you sound repetitive and ultimately, redundant. This single, based on the promotion style prior to release, appears to signal the upcoming release of his album, “Touch My Blood” but the song choice was poor. “Star Signs” does not satisfy his eager fan base, whom have complained about his tendency to dumb down content, nor does it look like it can achieve great commercial success. If this song is an indication of the material quality on his album, it’s a worry.
Standout lyrics:
‘How ironic. So much Gucci but no material or music. I’m iconic, out in public, I say your name – you wouldn’t say shit’
‘Even young nigga coming up saying, ‘”Mega, you old school now but how you still so relevant? In an era where niggas sound so American.” No pride in their own heritage, whole vibe so negative.’
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